Keck Science Meeting 2020


The main sessions will run from 10am PT until 4pm PT on Thursday, September 24 and Friday, September 25. All talks and breakout sessions will be online over Zoom. Poster sessions will occur over Slack. Registered attendees will receive connection information over email.

Day 1: Thursday, September 24, 2020

Time (PT) Speaker or Event Details or Title
10:00am Session I Intro from KSM2020 Organizers
10:10am Steph Sallum (UC Irvine) SCALES: Instrument Overview and Expected Science Outcomes
10:20am Vikram Ravi (Caltech) Fast radio burst science: progress and promise
10:30am Brad Holden (UCO/Lick) Ideas and Concepts for a New LRIS
10:40 Alexa Villaume (University of Waterloo) Unexpected Spatially-resolved Age, Iron, and Alpha Gradients for the Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy DF44
10:50 James Kirk (CfA) Keck II/NIRSPEC detection of helium in the atmosphere of the sub-Saturn mass exoplanet WASP-107b
11:00am Poster Session #1 Groups Presenting: A and C
11:30am Break Attendees can continue to look at posters during the break.
12:00pm Session II Welcome back, quick logistics
12:05pm Sara Faggi (NASA/GSFC) The extraordinary passage of comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE): investigations of its organic composition as revealed by NIRSPEC2.0 at Keck II
12:15pm Giacomo Terreran (Northwestern) Flash spectroscopy with Keck
12:25pm Myriam Prasow-Émond (Montréal) The first high contrast images of near, high-mass X-ray binaries
12:35pm Namrata Roy (UC Santa Cruz) Galactic-scale AGN driven winds in nearby elliptical galaxies
12:45pm Abhimat Gautam (UCLA) Discovery of a Candidate Old Ellipsoidal Binary System at the Milky Way Galactic Center and Dynamical Constraints on a Dark Cusp
12:55pm Denise Hung (University of Hawai'i) Optical/NIR Discovery of Large Scale Structure and the Characterization of the Cluster Mass Function at z~1
1:05pm Meal Break & Breakout Sessions Options: (1) New Exoplanet Instruments & (2) Planning for LRIS-2
2:30pm Poster Session #2 Groups Presenting: B and C
3:00pm Session III Welcome back, quick logistics
3:05pm Hilton Lewis & John O'Meara Keck Observatory Update
3:35pm Michitoshi Yoshida Update from Subaru
3:50pm Simon Murphy (University of Sydney) Confirming invisible compact stellar remnants found by pulsation timing using Keck/HIRES
4:00pm KSM2020 Organizers Announcements & wrap-up of formal session for day 1
4:05pm Breakout Session (3) Keck Wide-Field Imager or Special Keck Coffee with Keck Staff
5:30pm End of Day 1 Attendees are encouraged to browse posters and talk with other attendees on Slack at times that are convenient for them.

Day 2: Friday, September 25, 2020

Time (PT) Speaker or Event Details or Title
10:00am Session IV Welcome Back & Logistics
10:05am Rajeshwari Dutta (Durham University) Metal-enriched gaseous haloes around z~1 galaxies
10:15am Jeffrey Cummings (Indiana University) Carbon Star Formation as Seen Through the Non-Monotonic Initial-Final Mass Relation
10:25am Jason Wang (Caltech) Early Science Results from the Keck Planet Imager and Characterizer
10:35am Thomas Bohn (UC Riverside) Near-Infrared Coronal Line Observations in Dwarf Galaxies hosting AGN-driven Outflows
10:45am Poster Session #3 Groups Presenting: A and D
11:15am Break Attendees can continue to look at posters during the break.
11:45am Session V
11:50am Emily Ramey (UC Berkeley) Analyzing long-term performance of the Keck-II adaptive optics system
12:00pm Jinyi Yang (University of Arizona) Exploring Reionization-era Quasars: Study the Early SMBHs at Redshift 7 with Keck/NIRES
12:10pm Nicholas Lehner (Notre Dame) KODIAQ-Z: Metallicity of the IGM/Galaxy Interface at z~2-4
12:20pm Lee Rosenthal (Caltech) The California Legacy Survey: Population Statistics With an Expanded Catalog of RV-Detected Exoplanets
12:30pm Shelley Wright (UCSD) Liger: Next generation AO-fed imager and spectrograph
12:40pm Geoff Chih-Fan Chen (UCLA) Lens modeling and time-delay prediction of J0924+0219 strong lens system with Keck AO data
12:50pm Samantha Trumbo (Caltech) Hydrogen peroxide within chaos terrain on the surface of Europa
1:00pm Meal Break & Breakout Sessions Options:(4) Future Keck Near-IR Spectroscopy, (5) Keck AO including KAPA, & (6) The Data Services Initiative
2:25pm Session VI Welcome back, logistics
2:30pm Erin Hicks (University of Alaska, Anchorage) The Keck OSIRIS Nearby AGN Survey: The Distribution and Kinematics of the Circumnuclear Stars, Molecular Gas, and Ionized Gas in Local Seyfert Galaxies
2:40pm Jeff Cooke (Swinburne) The Keck Wide-Field Imager
2:50pm Chuck Steidel & Aaron Barth Keck SSC Updates
3:00pm Poster Session #4 Groups Presenting: B and D
3:30pm Session VII
3:30pm Bronwyn Reichardt Chu (Swinburne) Mapping Outflows in Starbursting Disk Galaxies with DUVET
3:40pm Vandorou Aikaterini (University of Tasmania) The Combined Power of Microlensing and Keck Adaptive Optics for Mass Measurements of Planetary Systems
3:50pm James Esdaile (Swinburne) Velocity dispersion measurements of massive quiescent galaxies at 3 < z < 4
4:00pm SOC Mahalo