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Due to the continuing pandemic, Palomar Observatory remains closed to the public. Visit the Tours and Greenway Talks headings in this section of our website for information about our online programs.
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Group tour at the base of the 200-inch Hale Telescope. (Palomar/Caltech)

Palomar Observatory is owned and operated by Caltech, and as such it is private property. The Observatory is a popular destination in Southern California and receives tens of thousands of visitors a year from all over the world. Most come to see the famous 200-inch (5.1-meter) Hale Telescope—for decades the largest effective telescope in operation. Whether you are an astronomy, history, or engineering enthusiast, or simply curious about the Observatory, you will enjoy visiting our museum and taking one of our guided tours of the facility. All are welcome at the Palomar, but we ask that all visitors respect our rules and procedures.

Map of the Observatory showing the location of areas accessible to visitors. (Palomar/Caltech)


  1. Visiting hours
  2. Public areas
  3. Plan your visit
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    2. Driving directions
    3. On the Observatory grounds
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Visiting Hours

Due to the continuing pandemic, Palomar Observatory is closed to the public until further notice.

Public Areas

The public areas of the Observatory consist of the A.W. Greenway Jr. Visitor Center and the Visitors Gallery inside the 200-inch Hale Telescope dome. The Visitor Center also features the Palomar Observatory Gift Shop, which is open on weekends and most weekdays.

Plan Your Visit

Before You Drive

Snow-covered Hale Telescope dome. (Palomar/Caltech)

  • Visitors should be aware that we may close the Observatory to the public due to weather or other unforeseen conditions without advance notice.
  • The Observatory makes every effort to inform the public of the facility's current status. The environment of Palomar Mountain is, however, both dynamic and uncertain, sometimes resulting in dangerous road conditions. Due to the uncertainties of our mountain environment, road conditions and our complex operations supporting our research mission, we can not guarantee that information presented on our website or phone information system will be accurate at the time when visitors arrive at our facility.
  • Please be aware that regional road and weather information supplied by state and other authorities may not reflect the specific conditions prevailing at the Observatory.
  • Visitors are urged to pay close attention to signs indicating the Observatory's closure to visitors that may be posted at the S6 "summit" location approximately 4.2 miles south of the Observatory. Please see our driving directions page for directions and information on any possible road closures.
  • There are no gas stations on Palomar Mountain. Check your fuel before driving to the Observatory.

Driving Directions

On the Observatory Grounds

Paved path that leads from the parking lot to the Hale Telescope dome. To the right, the Visitor Center's access ramp. (Palomar/Caltech)

  • Please note that the interior of the Hale Telescope dome is kept at nighttime temperatures for an elevation of 5,598 feet/1,702 meters. Dress accordingly.
  • Please see our tours page for information about guided tours. We do not offer guided tours every day that the Observatory is open to the public. On most days, visitors are welcome to look around the designated public areas on their own, at their own pace.
  • To make your visit easier we have a podcast that explains what can be seen. Click here to listen (right click to save to your computer) to the 10 minute (9.2 Mb) audio tour.
  • Cellphone reception, if any, is very limited on Palomar Mountain.
  • Palomar Observatory is a research facility. Please respect the safety rules you will see posted on signs around the grounds. Help maintain the environment and the structures by not walking on the buildings or climbing in trees. When you visit, we request you stay on the designated walking paths.

Information For Mobility-Impaired Visitors

Steps to the Visitors Gallery inside the Hale Telescope dome. (Palomar/Caltech)

  • The dome that houses the 200-inch Hale Telescope is at a moderate distance from the parking lot. There is a 1,050-foot (320-meter), slightly uphill, paved walking path that connects the parking lot with the dome.
  • Access to the Visitors Gallery in the Hale Telescope dome requires climbing 70 steps. We welcome mobility-impaired visitors and support Hale access for such visitors at 10:45 am and 1:15 pm daily, resources and conditions permitting. Mobility-impaired visitors should check-in with the Gift Shop attendant (the Gift Shop is located in the Greenway Visitor Center) to receive specific access instructions, and may discuss any special support needs. We regret that we cannot accommodate wheelchair access to the Hale Telescope dome at this time.
  • The Observatory's Visitor Center, only 130 feet (40 meters) from the parking lot, is open whenever the Observatory is open and is wheelchair accessible.


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