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  • May 3: Today's weekly summary lecture will be at the usual Zoom location.
  • April 28: The recording of today's midterm review session is here [code=a+ncfQ9V].
  • April 27: Instead of the instructor's office hours tomorrow at 2-3 pm, the TAs will conduct a midterm review session at this Zoom link [code=expanding].
  • April 26: We want your feedback! Please fill the mid-quarter feedback poll if you haven't done so already. The poll closes at noon on May 7. Thank you.
  • April 24: This Monday's summary lecture will be given in the Caltech's VR campus, Virtech. A recording will be posted later, as usual. If you plan to attend, please sign up and get at least somewhat familiar with the interface well before the lecture. Go to the Virtech website for more details. Note: there is a lot more that you can do in Virtech than just attend my lecture or office hours.
  • April 14: Alya's office hours are now on Wed. at 6 pm PDT. Also, the updated section assignments have been posted here.
  • April 13: As previously announced, this week's summary lecture will be given on Wednesday, April 14, 2-3 pm, during the instructor's nominal office hours.
  • April 5: Please attend the recitation section to which you were assigned, as shown here. We are trying to balance the load between the TAs. Thanks!
  • April 4: Alya's recitation section and office hours Zoom links have been changed; see the times+location page.
  • March 30: Revised section assignments have been posted here. Please check it out, and attend the section assigned to you. If you would like to swap with someone, please notify Samantha.
  • March 29: Welcome to the class! Please explore the links to the left. All lectures, slides, etc., will be posted here. All homeworks, solutions, and exams will be handled through the Canvas site. The first, introductory/summary lecture will be today, 2-3 pm; see the "times + location" tab.