Keck Science Meeting 2020

Poster information

We look forward to showcasing virtual posters at the conference. Because the conference is virtual, the specific format and dimensions of your poster are up to you. Please see the details below and email the conference organizers if you have any questions about poster presentations.

Poster Channels on Slack

Poster sessions will be hosted on Slack and a channel has been created for each poster presenter. Please join the Slack workspace, locate your poster channel, and post an image, video, paper link, or other relevant materials. You can "pin" this intro post to the channel so that attendees can easily find the key details.

Poster Sessions

There are four 30-minute blocks designated specifically for viewing posters. Each presenter has been assigned to two blocks so that you can both view other posters and share your work with the community. See below for poster assignments. During the poster session times, attendees will be invited to vist your channel and video chat with you. Please be prepared to share your screen to show your work to other attendees. You might share a slide you made specially for KSM2020, discuss a key figure, or walk attendees through a recent paper. You can have up to 15 people in your channel at one time.

Poster Advertisements

In order to best advertise your poster, please send us a slide saved as a pdf that we can use to advertise your poster just prior to the poster session. Please send your pdf to no later than September 23, 2020.

Poster Session Times

Half of the posters will be highlighted during each poster session. Please see below for assignments.
Poster Session Time Groups Presenting
Poster Session #1 Thursday 11-11:30am PT A & C
Poster Session #2 Thursday 2:30pm-3pm PT B & C
Poster Session #3 Friday 10:45am-11:15am PT A & D
Poster Session #4 Friday 3-3:30pm PT B & D

Poster Session Groups

Group assignments for the poster session are posted here. Please notify the SOC if your availibility has changed since you submitted your poster.