OVRO 40m Telescope

Data access

Revised on August, 17, 2023

Since 2008 over 1,500 blazars have been monitored on a ~3-day cadence at 15 GHz. Caltech thanks the hundreds of astronomers worldwide who have contacted us leading to an average of over one paper per month in refereed journals using 40 m Telescope data since 2008.

The number of requests for OVRO 40 m data has increased to the point where it is unmanageable with our current resources. Given the total lack of agency funding, the program is maintained voluntarily, by our small collaboration, for the purpose of advancing our joint research programs. We no longer maintain the program as a community service.

We will continue to support our ongoing collaborations to the best of our ability, but we no longer provide 40 m data to the community at large.

Violations of our Data Usage Policy:

Unfortunately, we have learned of several violations of our former Data Usage Policy in which people have downloaded data for a single source without informing us, downloaded data on multiple objects without prior permission, and/or neglected to include acknowledgments to our sponsors.

If you have used OVRO 40 m Telescope data for any purpose, including both studies of radio light curves and publication of results derived from the light curves, without prior permission, please contact Sebastian Kiehlmann as soon as possible to discuss how to comply with our Data Usage Policy.

If you have any questions about the intellectual property policies of California Institute of Technology, please contact our Office of the General Counsel.