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Teaching, at university level or the public (see my outreach page for more details), has an important place in my professional career as astrophysicist. My goal is to foster the curiosity of fledging students, help them finding the best career path, and teach them important concepts such as scientific thinking, writing, and presenting, to equip them with all they need to become successful scientists.

Teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate as well as post-docs are an important investment into the next generation of scientists to prepare them for the academic world. During my own Ph.D. studies at the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the ETH Zurich, I mentored several students and had the opportunity to teach several introductory classes in physics and astrophysics. Engaging the students in interactive working groups to create a stimulating learning environment has been one of my strategy of success. Thereby, I relate complicated physical problems to every-day life. I think that the students tremendously benefit from being taught the big picture and useful science applications in addition to the textbooks. Outlining research projects together with the students to tailor them to their needs and level of understanding and career, has been a time-proven approach to spark their scientific interest, foster their curiosity and scientific thinking, and to fulfill their potential.

During my postdoctoral studies as well as my current position at Caltech, I committed myself to continue raising the next generation of astronomers. Next to mentoring, I organize weekly paper discussions to bring together students and post-docs to train scientific reading, thinking, and presentation. In addition to many under-graduate programs offered at Caltech, I feel privileged to be given the opportunity to train STEM minorities through the FIELDS program. Helping young and curious minds finding the right career path is very important to me. Since I started teaching, I enjoy every aspect of it, and I am very proud of the achievements of my former students.

Classroom teaching at ETH Zurich

During my Ph.D. at ETH Zurich, I had the opportunity to teach introductory classes in physics and astrophysics to Bachelor undergraduate students.

Student Mentoring

I mentored students at ETH Zurich as well as at Caltech.

The FIELDS program

The Fellowships and Internships in Extremely Large Data Sets (FIELDS) started in 2015 by Prof. Mobasher at the University California Riverside (UCR), gives minorities underrepresented in STEM fields the opportunity to work for 10 weeks in research groups at Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).



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