Avishay Gal-Yam, Senior Scientist, Benoziyo Center for Astrophysics, The Weizmann Institute

I have moved, and have taken a faculty position at the newly established Benoziyo Center for Astrophysics at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.
And yes, I am looking for graduate students and postdocs!
If you are interested, please contact me at avishay.gal-yam _ at _ weizmann.ac.il, call my office on 972-8-9342063, or drop by (if you're around) - my office is 234 Weismann (Physics).

Current projects:

  • The Caltech Core-Collpase Program (CCCP)

  • An HST Survey for Supernovae in Massive High-Redshift Clusters

  • ToO UV spectroscopy of core-collapse SNe with GALEX

  • Cosmology with SNe II-P


  • Astronomical tools and software

    Recent projects:

  • Hybrid GRB 060614: A Long Gamma-Ray Burst Without a Supernova

  • Prompt photometric identification of young SNe using the robotic Palomar 60" telescope

  • The NOT SN search in medium-z rich clusters - July 2004 run

  • Detailed optical light curves of GRB 030329

  • The First Informal Zwicky SN Workshop, Pasadena 2004

  • Some older SN projects


  • ADS
  • astro-ph


  • PS
  • PDF

  • Cefalu Prize


  • SN 2006X - Clues about the origins of type Ia supernovae: Caltech PR; The Jerusalem Post
  • GRB 060614 - A novel explosive process required for Gamma-Ray Bursts: Caltech PR; NASA PR

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