Ay 111a, Introduction to Current Research, Winter 2024

The class is held on Fridays, 11-12, in Cahill 219

Instructor/coordinator: George Djorgovski, george-at-astro

The purpose of these seminars is to familiarize the first year Ay graduate students with the research done by our faculty, and thus assist them in choosing their initial research projects. The attendance by the first year students is thus mandatory. Anyone else is welcome to attend, subject to approval by the instructor. Informal continued discussions after the seminars are encouraged.

Grading: P/F
Requirements: (1) Attendance of all lectures; exceptions may be granted at the instructor's discretion for valid reasons. (2) A 1-2 page written summary of one or two subject(s) you found most interesting. It is also highly recommended that the students attend the weekly Astronomy colloquia.

Winter term schedule:

Jan 5

Jim Fuller

slides (pdf)

Jan 12

Vikram Ravi

(slides not available)

Jan 19

Kareem El-Badry

slides (pdf)

Jan 26

(canceled - ski trip)

Feb 2

Katherine de Kleer

slides (pdf)

Feb 9

Elias Most

slides (pdf)

Feb 16

Olivier Dore

slides (pdf)

Feb 23

Shri Kulkarni

slides (pdf)

Mar 1

Gregg Hallinan

slides (pdf)

Mar 8

George Helou

slides (pdf)

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