Caltech Astrophysics Option

Option Representative: Lynne Hillenbrand

While most universities and colleges consider the major area of concentration the "Major," at Caltech we call that the undergraduate "Option".
We also have a first-rate graduate program.

The Option Rep is the professorial faculty member who serves as:

  • a point of general consultation for undergraduate students, who also have individual academic advisors as per the registrar.
  • the official academic advisor for graduate students in the first and second years, until they sign up with a thesis advisor.
  • a resource as needed for more senior graduate students, who also have a research/thesis advisor/s.

    As a Caltech Ay student, you are welcome at any time to come and talk to me, especially if you have a problem.
    These days, send me an email and we can arrange to either meet in person or via ZOOM.

    If you are looking for information regarding admissions, try:

    Information on courses:

    Information for everyone: Information for undergraduate students: Information for graduate students: