Doctoral thesis

My thesis contains a more pedagogical descriptions of cosmology and detectors than is possible in my publications. You can download the entire thing here: O'Brient_thesis

You can also read individual sections:

1. Introduction

2. Cosmological Motivation

3. TES Bolometers

4. Contacting lenses

5. The Sinuous Antenna

6. Sinuous Antenna Coupled TES bolometers

7. Diplexer & Triplexer Circuits

8. A Log-periodic Channelizer

9. Conclusions

Front Material

Back Material

At the time I wrote my thesis, it was impractical to simulate the sinuous antenna under a contacting lens in a 3-D simulator like HFSS. Instead, I simulated the antenna in a semi-infinite space using ADS-momentum, and then used a quasi-optical ray-tracing algorithm to account for refractions and diffraction at the lens surface. You can download that code here, although it's probably no longer necessary: Contacting lens raytracing code(zipped).