Teaching Activities

California Institute of Technology

As a junior and senior undergraduate, I worked as a teaching assistant for:
1. Demonstration Lectures in Optics (Applied Physics 23), Fall 1999 & 2000
2. Modern Optics Laboratory (Applied Physics 24), Winter 2000 & 2001
3. Statistical Mechanics (Applied Physics 17C), Spring 2001

University of California at Berkeley

As a first and second year graduate student, I worked as a teaching assistant for:

1. Optics and Modern Physics for Engineers (Physics 7C), Fall 2001-Fall 2002.

Co-supervision of Students in Research

At Berkeley, I co-supervised Cal graduate students:
1. Aritoki Suzuki
2. Craig Peters (post-bac researcher)

and Cal undergraduate students:
1. Jay Chua
2. Darin Rosen

At Caltech, I’ve supervised graduate students:
1. Grant Teply
2. Howard Hui
3. Alicia Lanz
4. Evan Hall
5. Jonathon Hanacek
4. Sinan Kefeli
4. Ahmed Soloman

and undergraduates (most through the SURF program):
1. Arpi Grigorian
2. Sam Holo
3. Ankit Kumar
4. Jason Sun (UCLA undergrad)
5. Alex Meiburg
6. Animesh Mangu (S. Pasadena High School)

Princeton Review

To earn gas money as a young graduate student, I taught the physics section for the Princeton Review MCAT preparation courses in Berkeley and San Francisco. Their text wasn't very good, so I replaced it with my own downloadable notes.

Public Lectures

1. Public talk at Griffith Park Observatory, invited by Los Angeles Astronomical Association. June 9, 2014
2. Public talk for the Santa Monica Amateur Astronomy Club. June 13, 2014
3. Public Talk at East Bay Nerd Nite, at the Parkway Theater in Oakland. August 25 2014, video below.
4. Sunday Science Lecture at the South Pole Station. January 5 2015