MAKEE: Other Programs (as of November 2000)

The MAKEE software package contains many command-line utility programs. See the file ./makee/0.programs in the for the latest list. Almost all of these programs will provide a brief description and syntax if you enter the command with no parameters.

  Primary reduction programs :
makee      : MAuna Kea Echelle Extraction, primary reduction program.
makeepipe  : HIRES "pipeline" program, writes scripts of makee commands.
esipipe    : ESI "pipeline" program, writes scripts of makee commands.

  Other programs (in alphabetical order) :
arc2arc    : Shift and copy wavelength scale between arclamps of the same setup.
arc2obj    : Copy wavelength scale to object and error with vac./helio. changes.
asc2fits   : Convert ASCII file to FITS file.
astro      : Various astrophysical calculations (precession,lookback time, etc.)
atps       : Convert ASCII text file to PostScript (useful for listings).
align_match: Rebin a spectrum to match the alignment of another spectrum.
autoid     : HIRES line identifications and wavelength scale calibration.
binim      : Bin a FITS image.
biw        : Baseline-Interpolate(bad columns)-Window a HIRES or ESI raw image.
combine    : Combine/rebin 2-D spectrum images to 1-D linear or log-linear spec.
cutspec    : Window a 1-D linear or log-linear spectrum.
cutspim    : Window a 2-D spectrum image (rows only.)
cpgim      : A simple interactive PGPLOT image display program.
hdedit     : Edit a FITS header.
esiwave    : ESI wavelength scale calibration.
flip       : Flip a FITS image, either left-right or top-bottom.
fits2asc   : Convert FITS file to ASCII file.
fitsxy     : Convert FITS spectrum to x,y pairs.
fsort      : ASCII file sorter.
imgplot    : Plot a row, column, row sum, or column sum of a 2-D image.
linear     : Rebin spectra to a linear wavelength scale (IRAF compatibility).
logsum     : Convert the output of makee into a quick-look summary table.
mash       : Collapse a 2-D image into a 1-D image in row or column direction.
moverow    : Copy a row from one 2-D HIRES spectra-image to another.
nozero     : Replace zero data points in a FITS file with interpolated values.
rh         : Print FITS header or give brief listing of FITS files.
rhh        : Produces informative listing of HIRES or ESI raw or reduced data.
opim       : Operate on FITS images (addition, division, etc.)
parsefits  : Parse a 2-D reduced spectra image into individual 1-D spectra.
qalplot    : Plots sections of a spectrum around selected QSO absorption lines.
rotate     : Rotate a FITS image in 90 degree increments.
smoothfits : Smooth a 1-D spectrum with a gaussian.
smthresp   : Smooth a 2-D spectrum respose function created by star2resp (HIRES).
star2resp  : Convert standard star into a response function (HIRES).
starzero   : Zero out regions of a standard star near absorption lines (HIRES).
spim0      : Produce plots of 2-D reduced spectra images.
spim1      : Interactive version of spim0 (usually for arcline identification).
spim2      : View (and edit) multiple 2-D reduced spectra with order overlaps.
sss        : Same-Setup-Sums.  Adds HIRES spectra with similar setups.
unbinim    : Tries to unbin a FITS image.
unparsefits: Tries to do the reverse of parsefits.
window     : Window a 2-D FITS image.
xplot      : Interactively plot 1-D or 2-D spectra in a PGPLOT/PGDISP window.
xyfits     : Convert x,y pairs to FITS spectrum.