Ay 21 Webpage - Galaxies and Cosmology - Winter 2022

http://sites.astro.caltech.edu/~george/ay21/ = tinyurl.com/ay21class

Instructor: George Djorgovski, djorgovski at caltech.edu
Office hours: Wednesdays, 3-4 pm, Zoom link

TA: Nikolaus Prusinski, nik at astro.caltech.edu
Office hours: Thursdays, 11-12, in Cahill 235 if possible, otherwise by Zoom

Weekly summary lecture/discussion: Mondays, 3-4 pm, Hameetman if possible, otherwise by Zoom

Recitation Section: Fridays, 3-4 pm, Hameetman if possible, otherwise by Zoom

Class summary, grading, collaboration policy, etc. (pdf)
Caltech students have an access to the on-line version of a textbook, Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology by P. Schneider (Caltech login required).
In addition, slides and videos of the lectures will be posted below, as we go along.

Homeworks and exams:

See the Canvas website. They will be posted on Fridays at 5 pm (unless otherwise noted), and be due on the following Friday at 5 pm, also on Canvas.


(Note: these are from a previous year, and may be changed as we go along) The entire playlist

Other useful stuff:

CosmoCalc by Ned Wright * Advanced version * Time converting * A. Robotham's CosmoCalc

Some additional readings that you may find interesting:

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