Ay 21 Webpage - Galaxies and Cosmology - Winter 2023

http://sites.astro.caltech.edu/~george/ay21/ = tinyurl.com/ay21class

Instructor: George Djorgovski, djorgovski at caltech.edu
Office hours: email the instructor

TA: Xander Hall, xhall at caltech.edu
Office hours: Thursdays 8-9 pm, in 219 Cahill

Lectures: Mon & Wed, 3-3:55 pm, Hameetan auditorium, Cahill

Recitation Section: Fridays, 3-4 pm, 219 Cahill. Attendance is required

Class syllabus, summary, grading, collaboration policy, etc. (pdf)

Caltech students have an access to the on-line version of a textbook, Extragalactic Astronomy and Cosmology by P. Schneider (Caltech login required).
In addition, slides and videos of the lectures will be posted below, as we go along.

Homeworks and exams:

See the Canvas website. They will be posted on Fridays at 5 pm (unless otherwise noted), and be due on the following Friday at 5 pm, also on Canvas.


We are recording them and posting the links here. The evolving playlist is here.

You also have access to an earlier version (very similar, but not identical) here.

Other useful stuff:

CosmoCalc by Ned Wright * Advanced version * Time converting * A. Robotham's CosmoCalc

Some additional readings that you may find interesting:

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