Celebrating 75 Years of Discovery

Palomar Astronomers and Institutional Partners

Edwin Hubble and the 48-inch (1.2-m) telescope, later dedicated as the Samuel Oschin Telescope. (Caltech Archives)

Astronomer Mike Brown at Hale Telescope. (Don Bartletti. Copyright © 2014. Los Angeles Times. Reprinted with Permission)

Astronomers in the data room of the 200-inch Hale Telescope. (B. Youngblood/Caltech)

Research at Palomar is conducted by astronomers from all over the world. Many are based in Southern California at Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Others are from domestic partners such as Yale University, the American Museum of Natural History, and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. International Palomar Partners include the Weizmann Institute of Science and the National Astronomical Observatories of China.

Current Palomar-based research spans the complete spectrum of astronomical topics, from studies in our own Solar System, all the way to galactic formation, dynamics, and the cosmic web.

While Palomar remains a competitive research facility, astronomers working there cannot help but be humbled by the tradition of discovery established by legendary figures such as George Hale, Edwin Hubble, Jesse Greenstein, Allan Sandage, and Maarten Schmidt.

Palomar Institutional Partners

Domestic Partners

International Partners

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