Digital Exhibits

Our digital exhibit collection provides an opportunity for the Observatory to highlight aspects of Palomar's history and community in focused, thematic media collections. Exhibits allow us to delve deeper into more nuanced aspects of Palomar's arc and showcase the Observatory's rich history and many cultural connections. While this exhibit collection is still small, it will continue to grow over time as we develop additional content from an expanding set of contributors.

We hope you enjoy our exhibit collection.

The First Palomar Astronomers: the Luiseño inhabitants of Palomar Mountain and their sky lore.
R. W. Porter at Caltech: architecture, telescope design, and cutaway drawings.
The Universe in Color: William C. Miller's deep-sky photographs (1958 – 1965).
Hale Telescope Dome: development and evolution.
Mirror Transit: from Corning NY to Pasadena CA to Palomar Mountain.

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Russell W. Porter at Caltech

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