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P60 Filter Inventory

Here is the list of P60 filters. They are kept on the P60 observing floor closet on the NE side of the dome—and in the facility CCD camera filter wheel. Filters are stored in their holders in two wooden boxes on the counter top and 6 of them are stored in the top left-hand drawer. All filters listed are 3" × 3" square, except for those designated below 2" × 2" square (2×2).

Location Name Description Info
In filter wheel B SN 001Johnson B link
V SN 001Johnson V link
I SN 001Kron-Cousins I (Ic) link
R SN 001Kron-Cousins R (Rc) link
g SN 001Thuan-Gunn g link
uprSDSS u' link
ipSDSS i' link
gprSDSS g' link
rprSDSS r' link
iprSDSS i' link
Hα20 6564/21Custom Hα 6564 +/- 20 A (?)
zprSDSS z' link
In narrowband storage box OII5007/19(2×2)
In broadband storage boxR GaL U (11/22/98)
U SN 001Johnson U link
i SN 001Thuan-Gunn i
r SN 001Thuan-Gunn r
z SN 001???
z'AMSoderberg custom
zlAMSoderberg custom z long
zsAMSoderberg custom z short
In drawer space slotsThuan-Gunn g(2×2)
Gunn z(2×2)
Schombert B(2×2)
Schombert U(2×2)
A filter labeled only as "Blue"(2×2)

Additional Notes

  • Narrow-band filters due to Neill Reid circa 1993.
  • AMSoderberg custom filters circa 2005.
  • SLK reports an annotation in a "resource book" that filters identified as Johnson are/may be in fact "Krohn-Cousin" (email 22 Feb 2013). I think this means that the I and R filters are in fact Kron-Cousins Rc and Ic, and the ensemble is on the composite Johnson-Morgan-Cousins (UBVRcIc) system. This would explain comment by Brad Cenko (22 Feb 2013) that I has a long red tail— Cousins Ic is known for its extended red response (see Bessel 1986).
  • SDSS-type filters presently in wheel obtained circa 2009 (provider Asahi) for PTF followup. We have transmission scans for these filters themselves—but not full response functions. [For full response functions I recommend consulting this SDSS page] (M. Kasiwal email 22 Feb 2013).
  • There is a "drawer space slots" filter identified as "Gunn z (2×2)" In fact there is no z defined in the Thuan-Gunn system (see this page). Something SDSS-z'-like is probably a reasonable guess for this filter.

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