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The following is a collection of media pertaining Palomar Observatory for educational and public relations purposes—please see conditions of use.

Welcome to Palomar Observatory

Video introducing the history and science of Palomar Observatory. Duration: 2:48 minutes. (Palomar/Caltech)

Ken Kramer's About San Diego: Highway to the Stars

Episode 72 of Ken Kramer's About San Diego features the revival of the old Highway to the Stars road signs. The segment runs between minutes 13:05 and 16:34. Aired in February 2018. Duration: 26:46 minutes. (Ken Kramer)

Palomar From the Air

Aerial view of Palomar Observatory, labels indicate the main Observatory buildings. The structures that housed the decommissioned 18-inch Schmidt and PTI are still standing. The Visitor Center is mostly hidden behind trees. Hide labels (Palomar/Caltech)

Palomar 360° From the Top

This panoramic view shows Observatory grounds as seen from the top of the Hale Telescope dome, 135 feet (41 meters) above ground. Scroll to the right. Hide labels. Expand. (Palomar/Caltech)

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