P48 Observer Information

Samuel Oschin/P48 Telescope exterior. (Palomar/Caltech)

P48 Telescope

The Palomar 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope (P48) operates exclusively in a robotic, queue-scheduled service-observing mode.

P48 Instruments

The current camera installed on the Samuel Oschin Telescope is the ZTF camera, with sixteen 6k×6k CCDs that cover 47 square degrees of sky. This camera's field of view enables a full scan of the northern visible sky every three nights. ZTF's fast readout electronics enable a survey more than an order of magnitude faster than that of PTF. The ZTF camera saw first light in November 2017.

ZTF Camera Technical Specifications
Telescope Samuel Oschin (48-inch Schmidt)   
Field of View 47 square degrees
Detectors 16 e2v 6k x 6k CCD231-C6
Pixel size 15 micron
Pixel scale 1.0"/pixel
Median Delivered Image Quality 2.0" FWHM
Exposure Time 30 sec
Readout Time 10 sec
Median Time Between Exposures 15 sec
Median Single Visit Depth
(5σ, R band)
20.4 mag (all lunar phases)
Filters ZTF g, ZTF r, ZTF i
Areal Survey Rate 3750 square degrees/hour

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